Audi exclusive.

Personally yours.

Each year, Audi sells over one million vehicles. But yours only once. How is that possible? Audi exclusive. An individual vehicle for your unique personality.

Combine selected decors, colored leather and a custom paint from the large range of Audi exclusive color according to your personal preferences. The combination possibilities are almost limitless from Audi exclusive. This creates your unique vehicle.



An individual vehicle for your unique personality. Audi drivers want something special. Audi exclusive allows you to transform something special into some-thing truly personal.



Many steps in the production process require a particularly fine tool: the human hand. People always have one advantage over machines: sensitivity. Of course, a robot can also sew a delicate leather seam, but it won’t comprehend what it’s doing. One strong motivation at Audi is that we identify with our work – or, to put it differently, we take pride in our own work.



No two pieces are alike – a fact which fits perfectly with the Audi exclusive philosophy. And needless to say, we pay great attention to ensuring that the pieces crafted for the interior of an Audi are perfectly coordinated.



Designed by nature. Crafted with the utmost precision. Every tree is unique – just like the inlay it is used to create. This means that your Audi not only makes a personal statement, but is also one of a kind.


Individual paint finish

The golden hue of a sunset, the red of a fine wine, the green of an emerald ring – all of these colours are available for your Audi’s paint finish.